2023 / 125m - USA
The Unheard poster


April 11, 2023


Familiar territory. Blind people regaining their sight or deaf people regaining their hearing: it's a perfect recipe for mysterious hauntings. The Unheard goes down this very route, the only real issue is that it takes more than two hours to get to the end of it. Way too long for this type of film.

Chloe undergoes an experimental treatment, hoping she'll be able to hear again. She stays in the summer house of her dad for the time being. The experiment is a big success, but the remoteness of the area starts to get to Chloe and she hears voices that appear to belong to her lost mother.

The performances are decent, but the drama is light, the film isn't quite scary enough and the plot is spread too thin in order to reach the ridiculous runtime. If they'd managed to wrap it up in 90 minutes it would've been fairly pleasant genre filler. It's not a terrible film though, just a bit deluded.