2023 / 68m - USA
Unknown: Killer Robots poster


August 14, 2023


A Western doc with the word "unknown" in the title can only mean one thing: fearmongering. And sure enough, this doc on robots and artificial intelligence starts from the good we can do with the technology, but pivots to all the bad that could be done with it. And it does that for a couple of applications.

There really isn't that more to it. We hear from scientists and people involved in the field, how they started working on applications that could make the world a better place, only to realize it could easily be turned around into a weapon that could very well wreak serious havoc on humanity.

It's a pretty slim premise that isn't even explored very well. While short it is still very repetitive and rather than take a scientific approach to the problem, it's mostly just people cowering when they talk about the unknown. As a summary of the current state of AI, it isn't too bad, the rest is negligible.