Chichipatos: ¡Qué Chimba de Navidad!
2020 / 82m - Colombia
An Unremarkable Christmas poster


November 29, 2021


Not quite sure what this was. Either it's a terrible, cheesy Colombian sitcom, or it's a straight-up parody of one. Apparently it's an offshoot of a Netflix series, but I never watched that. Whatever the case, An Unremarkable Christmas is quite over-the-top, but not enough to coin the parody angle.

The Morales family is preparing to celebrate Christmas. Father is having his new boss over, hoping to convince him he's a great magician, his children are bringing their new lovers and mom is being courted by her mom's new boyfriend. To make things worse, some criminals are trying to scam the family.

The visuals are super colorful and extra cheesy, which is quite amusing. The performances are terrible though. Maybe deliberately so, the problem is that it never becomes so excessive that it's actually funny. The plot is crap and the situation comedy is rather drab, but the energy and overly kitsch presentation do make it somewhat watchable.