Bat Sin Fan Dim Ji Yan Yuk Cha Siu Bau
1993 / 96m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Crime, Horror
The Untold Story poster


December 11, 2011


The other Wong/Yau collaboration that helped define the careers of both artists. It's another rancid Cat III film with Anthony Wong as one of the dirtiest bad guys in the history of Hong Kong cinema. Though he would take on more respectable roles later on in his career, nobody is able to beat Wong at playing complete dirt bags. And no better illustration than The Untold Story.

Based on a true story, Wong plays a nefarious butcher who serves human meat in his restaurant. When the cops find discarded body parts in the river, they manage to trace it back to his restaurant. They begin to suspect the owner of stalking and murdering his victims only to make a few extra bucks by saving on buying pork meat.

It's a perfect setup for a Wong/Yau collaboration and the two have lots of fun with the material. Wong's character is utterly unlikable, Yau seeks out every opportunity to gross out his audience. The technical qualities are pretty limited and the police procedural elements can get in the way, but it's one of those films you simply have to see once in your life.