Also known as
Sei Yan Bong Ji Chin Lut Gau Sai
Hong Kong [1999] - 91m
Crime, Thriller
Directed by
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The Untold Story III poster


December 14, 2012


Fans of the original Untold Story shouldn't get too excited. This is a pretty basic sequel that leaves the overt pulp element behind and tries to deliver a more straightforward genre film. The result is a film with slightly broader appeal, though it's not half as distinct or fun as the original. Something for true Herman Yau completists only.

When Ma goes missing, the police doesn't spend too much time on his disappearance. After he has been gone for 2 whole month they are forced to take action, but they don't have many leads. Until a guy turns himself in and confesses the murder on Ma. The only problem is that he has no hard evidence to back up his claims.

The film offers a mix of comedy, thriller and crime elements, but the shift between them isn't very subtle. It takes a long time before Yau breaks out the more gruesome scenes, it just isn't going to be enough to please anyone coming here for the gory bits. The backstory is pretty amusing, though that's hardly the main selling point here.

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