Sheng Xia Wei Lai
2021 / 115m - China
Upcoming Summer poster


July 28, 2023


A fine Chinese romance by Leste Chen. That's not a big surprise, he has proven before that he can handle the genre. The EDM festival setting is relatively novel and adds a bit of extra flair, but it's not quite enough to set the film apart from so many similar films. If you're craving Asian teen romance, it's certainly not a bad bet though.

Chen messes up her exam after discovering her parents are close to divorcing each other. She doesn't dare to come clean with them and makes up an excuse about a break-up with her non-existent boyfriend. Things get complicated when the story spreads and the guy is publicly confronted about a relationship he never had.

The performances are solid, the cinematography is slick and atmospheric, but the music is a tad too cheesy and the EDM pretty commercial. The romance is rather predictable too and two hours is a bit much for a film that offers nothing new. That said, as prime genre filler, Upcoming Summer definitely delivers.