2000 / 124m - USA
Adventure, Action
Vertical Limit poster


October 28, 2023


A rather pedestrian mountain climbing adventure. The dramatized genre enjoyed a short boost of success, after which the documentaries became more in vogue. I'm not a big fan of either and Vertical Limit isn't the type of film that will change anybody's opinion. It's simple blockbuster fodder.

When Peter's sister gets trapped by an avalanche while climbing the K2, Peter and a gang of mountain climbers hike up the mountain hoping to be in time to save her. The weather conditions are relentless and the setting is inhospitable, but Peter will go to extremes to save his sister from harm.

There's some personal drama to fill in the gaps between the adventure/disaster bits, but neither part of the film is very impressive. The performances are weak, the effect shots are poor and two hours is way too long for the simple setup. It's not a complete dud, but hardly worth my time.