2018 / 132m - USA
Drama, Comedy
Vice poster


July 28, 2021


McKay repeats the little stunt he pulled with The Big Short, exchanging the 2008 crash with political figure Dick Cheney. It's a welcome update of the political biography, adding a little snark and sass to a genre that is generally pretty stale and predictable. McKay does well, but as he's repeating his own formula, it's not quite as novel as it could've been.

The film follows the political career of Cheney, as he rises through the ranks, fades back into the background and gets his time in the spotlight when he is asked to become vice president next to George W. Bush. There, he would claim a lot of the power that was usually reserved for presidents only.

McKay's sense of humor is what sets this film apart. The fake end credits and the restaurant scene in particular are real stand-outs. Performances are decent too, but it's not quite enough to keep an otherwise predictable film interesting from start to finish. Then again it certainly could've been a lot worse.