1985 / 131m - UK
Action, Adventure
A View to a Kill poster


December 25, 2020


Roger Moore's final Bond film. Long overdue if you ask me, Moore's really too old here, which doesn't do A View to a Kill any favors. It's definitely not the film's only problem, but if you want to do a suave secret agent adventure then you need a charismatic lead, not someone who looks like he'd need a stunt double for scenes that involve running around.

Bond is after a microchip manufacturer. The latest chips are shielded from electromagnetic influence, which gives them a key advantage, but somehow the Russians have gotten their hands on the exact same technology. Bond assumes the manufacturer is behind the leak and starts his investigation by tracking him.

Walken is a mediocre bad guy and Grace Jones is a little awkward, but the pacing is solid, the set pieces are fun and there are some neat/funny action scenes (the horse race is pretty hilarious). It's a bit long at 130 minutes, but overall, it's a decent though somewhat inconspicuous Bond film.