2022 / 97m - Norway
Viking Wolf poster


February 08, 2023


Norwegian werewolf flick. It's funny how this particular niche became synonymous with practical effects (the transformations in particular). Sadly, that's exactly one of the reasons why this film falters. Svendsen did a good job building up the tension, but the wolf itself is a bit of a downer.

Thale tracks down a prospective boyfriend in the woods where they are attacked by a fearsome wolf. Thale is hurt but survives, the boy's girlfriend isn't so lucky. When her body is found, it becomes clear that the size of her wounds doesn't match that of a regular wolf. Meanwhile, Thale is undergoing some changes.

The first part is pretty cool. A nice setting, a pleasant sense of dread and a few gory moments combine to make a moody horror flick. Once the werewolf makes his full entrance, the quality dips, and the film never fully recovers. It's not a bad attempt, it's just a little disappointing that it's the film's core niche elements that bring the overall quality down.