2016 / 92m - France
Sci-fi, Thriller
2047: Virtual Revolution poster


July 04, 2020


This made me think of what my favorite film would look like when it would've been made by a hack director. I got a pretty strong Avalon vibe from Virtual Revolution, but at no point did I get the feeling that either the crew, nor the cast had any belief in what they were making. The result is a film with potential, but little else.

I'm not even sure whether the cast actually understood half of what this film was about. The way they accentuated words like "database" or "server" reminded me of old people trying to deal with a world that left them behind years ago. For a sci-fi film, that's pretty problematic.

It's a shame, because the setting is actually quite decent and the camerawork, props and cinematography are nice too. Nothing too out of the ordinary, but a sci-fi like this isn't easy to make on a budget, and they did manage to get quite a few things right. A better director might've done more to save this film, but it's the cast that's the biggest letdown here.