Di San Ren Cheng
2019 / 90m - China
The Voice Unseen poster


November 02, 2021


A Chinese thriller that rolls from one twist into the next. The Voice Unseen feels like an elevated B production. A film that was quickly made to please hungry genre fans, but ended up quite a bit better than it needed to be. I had quite a bit of fun with it, just don't expect the world of it should you decide to watch it.

A couple puts in an insurance claim when a fire wrecks part of their home. An inspector comes by to check on them, but leaves somewhat suspicious. The two seem to be living at odds with each other and their cash flow problems indicate there might have been ulterior motives at play. And sure enough, the two have quite a few secrets they're hiding from each other.

The plot is pretty ridiculous really, but as the film really leans into it, it's quite amusing to see what little twist they'll come up with next. The visuals are pretty slick, with lovely colors and nicely framed shots, the music too is well above par. The weakest parts are no doubt the performances and the fake scar make-up, betraying the film's low budget origins, but they don't really stand in the way of the fun. Better than expected.