2012 / 63m - Australia
Mystery, Experimental
Wakey Wakey poster


November 30, 2021


An Australian low-budget film that leans heavily on its soundtrack to create atmosphere. The film is supposed to be dark, unsettling and disorienting, but it's only when the drone-based music starts to rumble that the film is actually making good on its promise. The rest isn't quite on the same level.

Josie is a teen who lives together with her sister Samantha. She has a condition where she falls asleep quite often, while dream and reality inevitably begin to blend together. Samantha doesn't seem too bothered and even abuses Josie's condition to get what she wants out of their relationship.

The black and white cinematography can't hide the film's lack of budget, the performances are pretty weak and the experimental touches fail to add intrigue. The soundtrack is decent though and there are certainly some memorable moments, just not enough to make this a truly worthwhile film.