Also known as
Duo She
Hong Kong [1997] - 101m
Action, Comedy, Crime
Directed by
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May 27, 2017


A somewhat crazy mix of genres. This film combines pretty much all genres Yau had been active in at that point in his career. The setup is taken right out of a horror film, the execution is light and breezy, and in between there are plenty of typical action and crime moments. Sadly, these genre switches work mostly against the film.

Chicken is a petty criminal who is hired as the getaway driver for a heist. On his first job things go terribly wrong and Chicken ends up in a coma, while Tommy, the cop who caught him, is paralyzed for life. Tommy hears of a ritual to take over someone else's body, his plan is to get rid of Chicken and claim his body instead.

Would Yau make this film today, it would no doubt be a lot better. Back in the late 90s, with the Hong Kong movie industry in shambles and budgets barely covering the costs of a bare-bones film, there was no way a film like this was going to turn out well in Yau's hands. Fans of Hong Kong genre benders might get something out of it, others can safely skip this one.

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