Taiwan [2021] - 34m
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March 31, 2022


Most people have lost track of Tsai's work long ago, only a few dedicated arthouse fans know what the man's been up to lately. I can't say I've had too much interest in the things he's been doing this past decade, though they haven't been all bad. Wandering could be interpreted as closure for this period in his career, though that may be just my wishful thinking.

You're excused to think there's a bit too much navel-gazing going on here. Tsai and Lee have been doing the Walker shorts for a while now, this time we're not watching the walker, but a woman visiting Tsai's exhibition of the Walker shorts. And so we are watching her watching Tsai's shorts. And then finally, Tsai himself is also there, watching the shorts with her.

As she leaves the exhibition she finds herself in the middle of nature, looking content. That's exactly how I felt after watching Wandering. Tsai delivers some fine shots and the soundtrack is nice, but it's good to see him bring this project to an end. This is for a very niche audience of which I'm not truly a part of. I do appreciate bits and pieces of it, but only to a certain point. Not the strongest, but also not the weakest in the series.

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