Liu Lang Di Qiu 2
2023 / 173m - China
The Wandering Earth II poster


April 15, 2023


The inevitable sequel. The first film was China's biggest sci-fi film ever, so of course a second one would follow. What could and should've been a massive blockbuster, turned into a somewhat bloated and drama-heavy follow-up. The middle part in particular really holds up the film.

Humankind is trying to escape the dying sun, its best bet is moving the Earth out of our galaxy. Not everyone agrees as a huge part of the world has more faith in a digital continuation of our species' existence. The construction of 10.000 engines !s essential for humankind's survival, but the project becomes the target of the rebels.

The first hour is pretty spectacular, and so is the final one. If this had been a 2-hour film it would've been perfect blockbuster material. Sadly, there's a middle part that is mostly bad drama and sentiment. It's nice to see Andy Lau make an appearance, but he really wasn't needed here. Sci-fi and special effects are what this series is all about, and only 2/3th of the film delivers that.