Also known as
Xong Xing Zi: Zhi Jiang Hu Da Feng Bao
Hong Kong [1996] - 97m
Action, Drama
Directed by
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June 24, 2013


A solid Young & Dangerous spin-off, one of the series that rekindled the Hong Kong movie industry during the mid-90s. Andrew Lau couldn't direct every single film in the franchise, and so Herman Yau was given a spin-off to flesh out some characters (and let's be honest, make an extra buck). With Tony Leung and Jordan Chan headlining the film, Yau's work was probably pretty easy.

Siu-Chun is a small-time crook in a local Triad gang. He has a big mouth, but isn't so badass when he needs to fight against other gangs. All that changes when he bumps into Hong Fei, who used to be one of the big bosses of the famous Hung Hing group. He takes Siu-Chun as his pupil and shows him the ropes when old Hung Hing enemies pop up.

The chemistry between Jordan Chan and Tony Leung is great, apart from that this is a pretty typical Young and Dangerous film. Lots of street fights, loudmouth characters and Triad conflicts. Yau fares pretty well, but his input is pretty limited. He simply sticks to the familiar formula and delivers a film that is sure to please fans of the franchise.

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