Le Wazzou Polygame
1971 / 50m - Niger
The Polygamous Wazzou poster


September 03, 2020


Africa is a pretty big blank for me when it comes to film (not counting South-Africa that is). I've tried one or two Nollywood films and a handful from North-African territories, but so far I can't say they've been able to win me over. The Polygamous Wazzou didn't do a lot to change that, on the contrary.

It's a very basic relationship drama, about a man who returns from Mecca and claims a third wife. The problem is that she's already engaged, plus his second wife isn't too keen on being replaced by a younger woman either. There's a small amount of intrigue, but even this short summary makes it sound way more interesting than it really is.

Performances are very weak and the direction is archaic. It's difficult to talk about cinematography when the camera work is so basic, there's no real score to speak of either. The main draw are the cultural elements, which are very different from ours, but that's hardly enough to turn this into an enjoyable film.