2023 / 126m - USA
Comedy, Fantasy
We Have a Ghost poster


May 06, 2023


Landon takes on a more kid-friendly horror project, to the point where it probably can't be called a horror film anymore. We Have a Ghost is more of a Ghostbuster-like film that prefers a fresh start rather than contemporizing an existing franchise. You have to respect that, but the film itself could've been better.

The Presley family moves into an old house, hoping to make a fresh start. It doesn't take long before they discover they have a ghost in their attic. The ghost isn't malicious, and Kevin takes a liking to him. With his neighbor Joy, he tries to figure out what trauma keeps the ghost tied to the world of the living.

The structure is that of a classic horror film, but the atmosphere is light and there is no gore, nor any attempt to add scares. The performances are decent, but the plot is pretty cheesy and two hours is way too long for a simple genre film like this. A more concise version might've been easier to stomach. Other than that, not bad, but primarily targeted at teens.