Ai Shang 100% Ying Xiong
1997 / 96m - Hong Kong
Action, Comedy
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August 07, 2013


With the Hong Kong movie industry in shambles, Jing Wong understood all too well there was just one thing that would draw people to the movies: familiar faces. And so he summoned the Young & Dangerous stars to helm one of his films, complemented with a few other bankable actors.

Plane's life collapses when his girlfriend is killed by a hitman. One year later he is partnered with a rookie cop. They get off on the wrong foot, but after a while they become friends. Things get a little weird when he is introduced to his partner's girlfriend, who looks exactly like his former girlfriend.

The plot isn't that great, the action is decent but nothing too spectacular and the comedy is a little simple. Wong didn't put much effort into this film and it shows. On the other hand, there are a few fun scenes, the pacing is solid and it's never truly boring. Mediocre filler for people who just can't get enough of Hong Kong cinema.