Kaze no Tairiku
1992 / 54m - Japan
Adventure, Fantasy - Animation
The Weathering Continent poster


June 22, 2022


A pretty typical fantasy anime. It probably bit off a bit more than it could chew, trying to establish an entire fantasy realm with very specific lore in less than 60 minutes, but in a way that also adds to this film's charm. It offers a glimpse in a realm far greater, it just lacks the franchise that would ultimately reveal its lack of inspiration.

Three figures are walking through a desolate landscape, looking for food and water. What was once a very prosperous continent is now a barren desert full of dangers. When they happen upon a mysterious city, they find themselves trapped within its walls, with a group of bandits looking for the city's rumored treasures.

The animation is pretty basic and the characters are rather stereotypical (though they're still an odd bunch). The fantasy setting isn't all that unique either, but there are enough details to keep things interesting, and the short runtime makes sur it never slows down too much or gets downright boring. Solid anime fantasy filler.