Zhou Mo Qing Ren
1993 / 98m - China
Weekend Lover poster


June 21, 2022


This is where it all started for Ye Lou, which means Weekend Lover is also at the source of contemporary Chinese cinema. While still very unpolished and rough around the edges, it's already clear this is quite different from what the 6th Generation stood for, even though they were still doing very well around that time.

Weekend Lover serves a pretty basic urban love triangle. A battle for the hand of a young woman, between a rebellious type and the singer of a band. The two are madly in love with Xi Ling and unwilling to back down. The rivalry slowly escalates, with Ling caught between two passionate men who promise her the world.

The urban setting, the contemporary soundtrack and the focus on a more genre-based narrative (over social drama) signal the future of Chinese cinema. The film could do with a restoration, the performances aren't that great and the romantic woes are a little basic, but Lou's talent is already visible and there are a few poignant, memorable moments.