Dobro Pozhalovat, Ili Postoronnim Vkhod Vospreshchen
1964 / 74m - Soviet Union
Welcome, or No Trespassing poster


May 13, 2022


A Russian comedy for kids. There are a few perks there, namely that the film is quite light (not very common for a Russian film) and that it is rather short. Other than that, this is really aimed at younger people, as the film features some pretty bland comedy that was pretty hard to stomach.

The plot revolves around a summer camp for Young Pioneers. The kids go there to have a good time, but the camp leader has some stringent rules that ruins it for the kids. When the popular Kostja swims to the other side of the river, the camp leader is furious and throws him out of the camp.

The performances are weak, the cinematography is bland, the comedy never funny. But at least it's not some dreary drama that stretches way beyond the 2-hour mark. It's not a total disaster either, I just never got the impression this was a film aimed at my age group, more something Russians might look at with the proper nostalgia.