2022 / 85m - China
Westbound Inn poster


December 09, 2022


The Chinese desert inn, it's almost a little cinematic niche all by itself. If you've ever seen a Dragon Gate Inn-related film, you probably know what I'm talking about. Westbound Inn is a very recent entry in the genre, and while not one of the most accomplished ones of its kind, everything is present for some proper genre fun.

The plot is pretty much what you should be expecting. A small desert inn is known for hosting ruffians and bandits, only there are clear no-fighting rules inside the inn. Several gangs and interested individuals get together during a sandstorm, hoping to receive a promised bounty. While they are supposed to remain calm, the tension. starts to rise pretty quickly.

I do like a good Chinese desert flick, if only because the color scheme turns to a very pleasant, warm sepia. The intrigues are fun, the limited action was on point and while some of the drama felt a little overdone, the short runtime and stark pacing make sure the film never gets bogged down too much. A very worthy entry in the genre, but not up there with the very best.