1973 / 88m - USA
Sci-fi, Thriller
Westworld poster


April 12, 2023


I never watched the series, but I was already familiar with the concept of this film, so the discovery phase was pretty much wasted on me. It sounded like a bit of generic tech doom and that is exactly what I got. It's not a film that aged very well, but the pacing is pretty decent and the runtime is short enough to keep my interest.

A new kind of amusement park. Three areas (the Roman era, the Medieval era, and the Western era) offer the most immersive experience for its visitors. Apart from its human visitors, the place is teeming with Robots who are virtually indistinguishable from their fellow men. Things get hairy when the park loses control over its robot employees.

Robots running amok isn't the most exciting premise in 2023, the three eras didn't do it for me either (not in the least because the main focus lies on the Western era). The performances and effects were somewhat decent though, and the tension does build up properly during the final act. I get why this was once a respected film, but little of its initial appeal remains.