Also known as
Nureta Sai no Me
Japan [1974] - 72m
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June 23, 2021


Wakamatsu's films changed a lot during the 70s. His 60s work is overtly experimental and very political, his 70s films are simpler, more typical pinku films mixed with simple genre elements. Wet Dice is a good example. Not a terrible film, but the mix of crime and pinku doesn't make all that much sense.

Kayo is a gifted bar owner who works in the port district. She is very popular with her clients, who don't miss a chance to try and woo her. Kayo likes the attention, but she's already in a relationship with a city councilman. Things get a little hairier when she gets caught up in some criminal business.

Wet Dice is not a bad crime flick, with some proper drama and decent performances. The "wet dice" gimmick is also kinda fun, but the pinku scenes mess up the pacing and are anything but sexy. The film is only 70 minutes long, still it feels like there's too much cruft. Wakamatsu could do so much better.

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