USA [2001] - 97m
Directed by
David Wain
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Wet Hot American Summer poster


May 31, 2020


A little cult comedy that deserves its reputation. I've seen some bits of the series that followed, but never got around to watching the film. It's not 100% up my alley, but I appreciate any comedy that does its best to be funny from start to finish, without feeling the need to smuggle in some drama and/or heartfelt whatnot.

A lot of familiar faces here, though few of them ended up making it as full-blown film stars. It's nice to see people like Poehler, Lo Truglio and Sussman doing their thing in secondary parts though. Others (Rudd, Cooper and Banks) had more luck, so it's also a fun trip down memory lane, especially if you love seeing actors at the beginning of their career.

Wet Hot American Summer is the kind of parody that is so aware of its own stupidity that it becomes pretty fun to watch. Not all the jokes land and a film like this should probably be a little shorter, but there are some memorable moments and the cast clearly had a lot of fun filming this. Not the best comedy ever, but good fun.

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