USA [2008] - 99m
Comedy, Romance
Directed by
Tom Vaughan
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What Happens in Vegas poster


November 05, 2021


A simple romcom that banks all its appeal on its two leads. This is really just Diaz/Kutcher - The Movie, the rest is simply fluff. It's another comedy based on two characters who can't really stand one another and love to make each other's lives difficult, though this being a romcom, there is an obvious turning point.

Jack is a freeloader, Joy an obsessive planner who can't let go. They meet in Vegas by accident, and after a drunken night they end up married. When they file for an annulment, the judge isn't very cooperative and forces them to spend 6 months to work on their marriage, something they're not really willing to commit to.

Diaz/Kutcher are a bit hit-and-miss here. They do have their moments, but they're also a bit light for their parts (i.e. they can't do mean very well). The plot is very predictable, the secondary characters aren't that funny, but the pacing is solid, and the film was over and done before I knew it. Basic filler.

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