Khane-ye Doust Kodjast?
1987 / 83m - Iran
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November 06, 2021


My least favorite Kiarostami so far. I generally don't care much about films with very young kids, so I didn't really appreciate the charm this film was obviously gunning for. There isn't really all that much beyond that either, though the film is pretty short it's also quite slow and uneventful.

Ahmed is 8. When he comes home from school, he noticed that he took a classmate's notebook with him. Ahmed feels bad about the situation, but the boy lives in a neighboring village, too far to go by himself. That doesn't stop him from undertaking a journey to get the notebook to his rightful owner.

I didn't care much for the boy's performance, the people he meets on the road aren't very interesting either and Kiarostami's styling has never been something I've cared for. The film is noisy, characters are pretty irritating and the Ahmed's journey is too uneventful. Not my kind of film.