Also known as
Doko Ni Iku No?
Japan [2008] - 100m
Directed by
Yoshihiko Matsui
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June 10, 2020


A decent indie drama, though not really a remarkable one. For those who've seen their fair share of Japanese dramas, it will feel comfortable and expected, but also superseded by more impressive and skilled entries in the genre. If you're starved for Japanese dramas though, it's a solid choice.

Matsui's film finds itself on the darker end of the spectrum. Akira doesn't lead a very happy, fulfilling life and problem seems to follow him wherever he goes. When he falls in love with Anzu, a transsexual, things are finally looking up again, but trouble at work drives him over the edge.

The actors do a decent job and the unpredictability of the plot is a definite plus, but the presentation of the film is sorely lacking. Uninteresting camera work, rather bland cinematography and a dull soundtrack make this a barren-looking film. It fits the overall mood, but that's not much of an excuse. The rest of the film is pretty interesting, just nothing that stands out.

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