UK [1949] - 83m
Comedy, Crime
Directed by
Alexander Mackendrick
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December 30, 2020


Some themes and topic and invariably more interesting than others, so a film about whisky is always going to have a small advantage. Though the whisky in Whisky Galore! is little more than a motive for some comedy capers, the film itself didn't turn out to be completely terrible.

A small island near the Scottish mainland is craving some whisky, but the war has made it very difficult to get any supplies. When a ship with 50.000 cases of whisky sinks near the shore, the island folk are fed up with it and devise a plan to get some of those cases on their island. To do that, they'll have to get past the army though.

It's a very simply comedy really, with an extremely straightforward plot and predictable gags. The pacing is decent and the overall tone is light enough, but the performances are rather weak, the comedy just isn't funny enough and it's all just a little too predictable. Apart from the ending maybe, that at least got a real good snigger out of me.

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