Also known as
Sing Kung Chok Tse Sup Yut Tam
Hong Kong [2007] - 96m
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February 28, 2015


Throughout his career, Herman Yau has always found time to highlight some of Hong Kong's seedier social issues. What may be an arthouse staple in other countries is a rarity in Hong Kong, so it's probably no surprise that it was left up to the more atypical genre directors to take up the gauntlet. Whispers and Moans is a perfect example.

Don't be misled (or tempted) by the film's Cat III rating, this is a straightforward drama set in an oldskool Hong Kong bordello. Yau follows the lives of the people involved, from prostitutes and social workers, to the two women who run the business. There isn't too much added drama, instead the film offers a closer look at the characters' daily trials and tribulations.

It's nice to see a film like this without all the added drama (the ending excluded). It gives the film a more realistic feel, and it gives the actual message a little extra weight. The performances are decent, the styling proper but somewhat unremarkable. I'm not sure if Yau is the ideal guy for a film like this, but as nobody else is making them over there, it's a fine addition to his oeuvre.

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