Also known as
Så Vit Som En Snö
Sweden [2001] - 154m
Drama, Romance
Directed by
Jan Troell
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November 07, 2021


A biography that is mostly fictional. It's certainly not the first film to pull that trick, but I never quite get the point of these films. Generally speaking documentaries are better suited to learn about a person, still, if you opt to make a feature film, why would you adapt the life of a person and add a bunch of scripted stuff that never happened?

The film tells the life of Elsa Andersson, a young girl who grows up on a farm, but dreams of becoming an aviator. Her parents, nor the people in her village really understand Elsa's fascination with the sky, but she is determined to follow her dreams, even though her father would prefer if she stayed on the farm.

There are some flashes of quality here, mostly some dreamier moments in between the more traditional drama parts. Performances are decent, but the plot is awfully dull, the styling feels a bit bland and the runtime is inexcusable. It might've been a better film if they'd gone full fiction, this felt like a contrived and lazy attempt to pay homage to Elsa Andersson.