2022 / 136m - USA
White Noise poster


December 30, 2022


Sometimes it's nice to see a director and actors having fun while making a movie, but when the movie itself isn't to your liking, it quickly becomes an extra nuisance. I didn't think White Noise was a big success, Baumbach and his two principal actors clearly felt differently when shooting it.

A family of colorful figures faces the mundane challenges of everyday life while being overwhelmed by whatever the world throws at them. Jack is the most knowledgeable professor when it comes to Hitler, his wife is secretly partaking in an odd scientific experiment and when his family has to flee from a toxic disaster, shit hits the fan.

Driver and Gerwig are pretty cringe-worthy, Baumbach is no Wes Anderson and the bland comedy doesn't properly hide the skin-deep social critique. I also don't understand why this was stretched way beyond the 2-hour mark. A pretty disappointing film, in the hands of a more capable crew this could've been fun though.