Ngor Lo Paw Hai Dou Sing
2008 / 98m - Hong Kong
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March 09, 2014


More gambling nonsense from Jing Wong. This is one of his lesser efforts though. It feels as if he made this film in between other projects, just to get his mind off of things. It's not the first Wong film that is rather lazy and by the numbers of course, the man has got a pretty impressive long-tail of mediocre work.

What we get is another God of Gamblers story, only with a female twist. On her way to stardom, Yin Ying is left for dead by her biggest rival. She survives the ordeal and her body washes up on the beach, where an awkward guy saves her. Ying Ying has lost her memory, but it doesn't take long before her old skills resurface.

Performances are rather weak, the jokes rarely land and Wong never gets weird. It's just very derivative and predictable. It's not the worst option if you're aching for a Hong Kong gambling comedy, the pacing is solid and the runtime short, but unless you've already seen the better films in the genre there's really no reason to seek this one out.