Janela da Alma
2001 / 73m - Brazil
Window of the Soul poster


May 21, 2021


South-Americans sure seem to like making documentaries about art(ists). Window of the Soul is a little different in that this is not a documentary about a single artist, instead it brings together a slew of famous (and not so famous) people to take about a single concept: sight (hence the title).

It seems that most artists here have been given free rein to talk about whatever came to mind, as long as it was tangentially related to the central concept. Sadly, most of them didn't get any further than spew platitudes and/or wax philosophically about things that just happened to be occupying their brains at that time.

Wenders prefers glasses because they frame reality and dislikes modern cinema because he can't see between the frames, blind people can "see" with touch, perspective is important, images kill imagination etc. There was nothing here I hadn't heard before, also nothing I found interesting the first time around. Just people who clearly think they have something important and revelatory to tell, even though what they say is incredibly low on (f)actual wisdom. The word pretentious was invented for this film.