2020 / 108m - Japan
Crime, Drama
Wish poster


August 23, 2021


A decent enough Tsutsumi, though it does feel like filler to pass the time in between bigger projects. The setup is extremely simple, and while Tsutsumi does his very best to keep things interesting, in the end Wish felt maybe a little too slick and polished to do justice to the film's emotional core.

Kazuto has a wife and two beautiful kids. His life looks perfect, until his son doesn't return after a night out and one of his classmates is found dead not much later. Kazuto's son is either involved as culprit or victim, two polar opposite outcomes that will change the lives of Kazuto's family in very different ways.

Performances are solid, with Shin'ichi Tsutsumi in a stand-out role as Kazuto. The cinematography is polished, the soundtrack is adequate and the emotional cues are timed perfectly. It's just that it all feels a bit overdone. It's certainly not the first film to handle these themes and I think a more subtle approach would've worked better here. Not bad though.