2021 / 98m - USA
Witch Hunt poster


March 16, 2023


A bit of a misfire, this one. The premise is pretty damn ridiculous, but nobody seemed to have informed the crew and director. Witch Hunt is a pretty serious film, even mixing in some societal critique, but none of it hits the mark. This would've worked a lot better if everybody involved would've just embraced the camp.

Witchcraft is real and it is deemed illegal in the US. A special police unit tracks down witches and burns them. Claire lives together with her mom, who provides safe shelter for witches wanting to cross the border. They have a pretty good system in place, but the police begin to suspect something is off at their house.

The film plays like an "elevated horror", but even that attempt feels pretty cheap. The soundtrack is dim, the cinematography comes off a tad cheap, and the performances aren't too great. To then have modern witch hunters running around as police people, chasing witches, just makes everything worse.