UK [1987] - 107m
Comedy, Drama
Directed by
Bruce Robinson
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October 13, 2021


A peculiar little film. I guess you could call it a British stoner comedy, though there isn't too much overlap with its American counterparts. The leads are more punk-inspired, somewhat grittier and cruder. The comedy isn't so obvious either, though their little countryside adventure certainly isn't the most serious of stories.

Withnail and Marwood are two unemployed actors. They live together in London, they get high on drugs, and they goof around all day. Still, they get tired of loafing around in the big city, so they plan a little vacation to Withnail's uncle's countryside home. As it turns out, they aren't really made for rural life.

Slightly goofy characters and endless banter, that's what you can expect from this film. I can't say I found it hilarious, nor did I care too much for the two leads, but the film does have its moments, and it never really dragged or got boring to watch. I'm not quite sure how it got its cult status, but it wasn't as bad as I'd feared.