USA [1985] - 112m
Thriller, Romance
Directed by
Peter Weir
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June 11, 2022


Better than I had expected. I can't say I heard of this title before, but I'm not a big fan of Ford and these late 80s/90s thrillers have aged considerably, so expectations were low. Not that Witness is a great film, but thanks to the very atmospheric score and above average cinematography it does manage to stand out.

John Book is a police detective. When he is called out to investigate a murder, a young Amish boy turns out to be the only witness of the crime. When the book identifies one of Book's colleagues, things begin to heat up and Book can only narrowly escape. He goes to stay with the Amish for a while.

The soundtrack is the biggest asset of the film. It gives it a bit of extra flair that similar films lack. Ford isn't too bad, the crime elements are basic but work well, and the romance is passable. It's a bit long maybe, and it's certainly not the most memorable film, but it's perfectly fine filler.

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