USA [2020] - 84m
Mystery, Horror
Directed by
Matthew Goodhue
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June 22, 2021


A somewhat frustrating film. Goodhue is quite gifted when it comes to building up tension and the delivery of the scares is superb. It's just that there's so little of it, and the drama that is used as filler is of a much lower quality. So while the potential is here, Goodhue needs to learn to play to his strengths.

A year after their dad died, Jessie's brother isn't doing too well. He doesn't leave the house, he acts weird, and he is seeing and hearing things. Jessie and her soon-to-be husband worry about him, but when they try to offer to help him out, there might be more than just grief haunting Jessie's brother.

The atmosphere is great, the rest of the film just isn't up to par. Performances are somewhat flaky, the drama is pretty tepid and mystery never truly reaches its full potential. Though short, the pacing isn't perfect either and Woe does drag in places. That said, Goodhue deserves another chance, as there's clearly something there.