2020 / 103m - Ireland
Fantasy, Adventure - Animation
Wolfwalkers poster


December 30, 2020


The latest film by Cartoon Saloon is an Apple exclusive. We'll have to see how that pans out for them (and their brand), but it's clear they put Apple's money to good use. Wolfwalkers is an improvement on their earlier films, though I feel they're still one important step away from true greatness.

Robyn is a young girl who wants to be just like her dad, a fierce wolf hunter. When she follows her father into the woods, she meets a Wolfwalker, a young girl who can turn into a wolf when she sleeps. Robyn befriends the girl and tries to tell her dad that the wolves aren't as evil as they're made out to be, but he isn't willing to listen to her.

The oddest thing is that while Wolfwalkers is a recognizable Cartoon Saloon film, it still feels like it got its inspiration from somewhere else (namely Ubisoft's Child of Light). The art style is absolutely stunning and the music is beautiful, but the animation itself could be better. It's a little too static and uninspired. The story and characters too are a little bland, but the lore is nice and the finale is great. If they can keep evolving like this, there's no doubt they'll end up hitting a masterpiece within their next couple of films, the potential is clearly there.