USA [2021] - 100m
Mystery, Thriller
Directed by
Joe Wright
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July 06, 2021


One of those movies where knowing the runtime works against the film. Not because it's too long, but because it's an actual spoiler. After the first climax, about 70 minutes in, it's clear that there's still about 30 minutes of film left and sure enough, that half hour houses quite a few more twists. Surprise (but not really)!

Anna suffers from agoraphobia. Her husband and daughter have left her, she doesn't have any friends and all she ever is does is keep tabs on the neighbors. Her life changes when the Russell family moves into the house across the street. She suspects the father of abusing his wife and son, but her condition doesn't help her case.

Performances are solid and the build-up of the mystery is effective. The problem is that the reveals are rather bland and keep getting worse as the film continues. The bits of action at the end feels forced, but up until three quarters in this was a pretty solid effort from Wright. It's a shame the film slowly slips away from him after that.

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