1991 / 93m - Australia
A Woman's Tale poster


August 25, 2021


Quite the ordeal for me. I like films that are overly and explicitly cinematic, and this film is anything but. A Woman's Tale is a film for people who crave realism, character-based narratives and an almost documentary-like approach to its subjects. Also, people who can turn a blind eye to the barren styling.

Martha is an aging woman who lives by herself. She is quite chipper and with the help of her son and nurse Anna, she manages to get by. When her next door neighbor dies though, Martha finds it hard to keep her spirits up. Her son wants to move her to a nursing home, but Anna isn't quite ready for that.

No doubt director Cox had only a limited budget to his disposal, but he didn't use it wisely. There are a handful of flashbacks that feel woefully misplaced, the soundtrack too is extremely pompous. In contrast, the cinematography is absolutely appalling, and the drama is rather overwrought. I didn't care one bit for this film, but there is a layer of realism present that earns it a measly bonus point.