1939 / 133m - USA
Comedy, Romance
The Women poster


May 04, 2024


In less than a decade, we went from moody and expressive silents to films where characters are just yapping away at each other for two hours straight. The Woman is branded a comedy but it isn't overtly funny, it's just a bunch of women trying to get their romantic affairs in order, delivered with a certain lightness.

The film zones in on a couple of Manhatten women, Mary Haines in particular. She is happily married, or at least that's what she believes. Her world shatters when she finds out about her husband's infidelity. For the time she condones Crystal, the new woman her husband is keeping, but the status quo is fragile.

There are some big names attached to this project, so it's no surprise this film had little trouble keeping its classic status. It is built around annoying stereotypes though (these women never shut up and are shallow as hell), and the dialogues aren't funny at all. What remains is very little, apart from a lighter mood, making it a tiny bit easier to get through.