Also known as
Cider no Yô ni Kotoba ga Wakiagaru
Japan [2020] - 87m
Animation, Romance
Directed by
Kyohei Ishiguro
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Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop poster


August 04, 2021


A simple but pleasant anime. Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop is a summery, light and predictable coming of age film that tries to stand out with a colorful art style and above -average animation. This type of breezy romantic drama has become very prevalent the past decade, it's rarely exceptional, but usually worth a shot.

Cherry is a young and bashful boy who likes to write haiku poems, Smile a young girl who has a vibrant social profile, but just got braces. Because of an incident at the mall their phones are switched, an event that will eventually bring the two together in a search for a lost LP. All of this against the charming backdrop of a local summer festival.

Anime tends to do these kinds of stories well, this film is no exception. It feels a little too comfortable at times and the romance is a tad too naive, but the warm, summery vibes and the relatively unique art style give the film some much-needed flavor of its own. This isn't going to be the next big anime masterpiece, instead, it's charming filler with broad appeal.