USA [1988] - 113m
Directed by
Mike Nichols
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October 11, 2020


You'd be forgiven for thinking this was an 80s parody, were it not that Working Girl was made in the 80s. The unsightly hairdos, garish make-up and brutal fashion style make this an absolute eyesore, which ultimately gets into the way of the film's romantic aspirations. Though it's certainly not its only weakness.

Tess is a pretty decent secretary, working for a boss who takes her job for granted. When her boss breaks a leg during her holiday, she demands Tess takes over some of her chores. Tess does more than that and starts running the company behind her back. With great success too, as she wraps everyone her finger.

Performances are pretty drab. There's no chemistry between Ford and Griffith, Weaver is horrible, Baldwin isn't any better. The romance is a complete bust, characters are dull and the comedy is pretty poor too. At least the pacing is half decent and the film never drags, but that's about the only good thing here.

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