Also known as
Apur Sansar
India [1959] - 105m
Directed by
Satyajit Ray
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February 27, 2021


The final entry in Ray's Apu trilogy. One of the cornerstones of Indian (arthouse) cinema and a must for people who want to experience the absolute classics of world cinema. The first two films didn't really move me though and while there's again some slight progression here, this third film too left me rather cold.

Apu has finally come of age, but things aren't working out for him. He can't pay his rent and he's forced to quit his education. A chance meeting with a soon-to-be bride nudges him back on the right path, but this being a core arthouse drama means that his happiness will be short-lived. Each cinema niche has its own clich├ęs.

Performances aren't very engaging and the soundtrack is a bit overbearing. The drama too left me cold, as it felt too much like a summary of tragic life events. The cinematography is decent but nothing too remarkable, but at least it's not 3+ hours long like so many of its commercial counterparts. Not really my cup of tea.

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