1999 / 128m - UK
Action, Crime
The World Is Not Enough poster


February 01, 2021


Pretty much a carbon copy from the previous installment. Brosnan doesn't quite fit in this action spectacle, the action itself hasn't aged too well and is still too dependent on the old Bond tropes and the bad guys are incredibly dull. It's clear we're moving to a more serious Bond now, which simply isn't as much fun.

Bond is once again chasing after some bad guys to prevent a nuclear disaster. Because the Cold War might've been slipping from people's minds, there's also something about oil, giving it a more 90s contemporary feel. It's safe to say, you won't be watching this film for its intricate plot.

Brosnan needs to dodge quite a few bullets, jump away from explosions and prove himself in hand-to-hand combat. None of that are his strong points, and it shows. The action isn't terribly impressive either (though the scenes with the helicopters are nifty) and two hours still feels like a stretch. It's not terribly boring, but there just isn't that much joy left in these later Bond films.