2022 / 91m - USA
A Wounded Fawn poster


April 19, 2023


An ambitious horror film, but the execution is subpar. There are some good ideas here but it felt like I was watching some 90s direct-to-video project that was only recently recovered. Apart from the soundtrack, which almost mimicked Kawai's work on Ghost in the Shell, it was just messy.

Meredith has only recently recovered from a troubled relationship when she meets Bruce, a mysterious art dealer who invites her to spend the weekend at his cabin. Once there she feels ill at ease, and not without reason. Bruce is a serial killer who thinks a mythical figure is ordering him to kill women.

When horror is mixed with the art scene, kitsch is never far off. A Wounded Fawn was unable to escape that dreary fate. The performances are pretty bad, the effects almost comical, and while the soundtrack is cool, it's too unfitting to compensate for failures elsewhere. I appreciate the effort to do something different, but the execution just wasn't good enough.